2020 Research Camps

Please check that your name is displayed here once you have booked via AusTurtle's online booking system. As we are a volunteer run organisation, it may take a few days for this page to be updated.


To register and book a place on the research camps, please head to our online booking system.

 Please read all information on 'Volunteering' page before booking.

Payment is required up front. The cost for 2020 have moderately increased due to streamlining our booking process and utilising the online booking system, TryBooking. This year it is $65.00 AUD per day, plus a 2.5% processing fee (from TryBooking) and a 50c ticket fee (also from TryBooking). Each week is $455 plus a processing fee of $11.38 and a ticket fee of 50c.

Please note, volunteers under 18 years old must be accompanied by a guardian.

A limit of one under 18 volunteer will be accepted in any one week.

* after a name denotes an under 18 volunteer.

If you book a place and can no longer make it, please let us know as soon as possible. 

You can cancel and receive a refund* if you let us know before 1 May 2020.

(*minus the  $10 AusTurtle Inc. membership fee and the 50c ticket fee) 


If you inform AusTurtle Inc. after 1 May 2020 that you can't attend and a replacement is not found, you are not eligible for a refund. Costs do not change for AusTurtle Inc. if one person can longer come. There is a lot of interest in the camps and we will try and accommodate finding someone to replace you, but this is not guaranteed. 

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Photo Credit: Kjell Hensen