Fauna of Bare Sand Island

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Mickus Guineaii
Dr. Michael Guinea created and still runs the BSI Project. His other interests include sea
snakes and watch mechanisms! Photo credit: Claire & Nige
Crocodylus porosus
Crocodylus porosus. Common name: Saltwater Crocodile. An apex predator they are just as comfortable in freshwater, and are found in rivers in large numbers across northern Australia. Sea turtles are often taken by crocodiles in northern waters. Photo credit:
Lisa Raith
Natator depressus
A nesting female Flatback returning to the sea. Described as Australia's own sea turtle as it is only found in Australian waters. A minor colony of Flatbacks nest on BSI.
Natator depressus
Flatback hatchlings. These were found trapped in a hatched nest in the morning and were released when darkness fell that night. Photo credit: Andrew Raith
Lepidochelys olivacea
A small number of Olive Ridleys nest on BSI, usually early in the peak of the Flatback season.
Lepidochelys olivacea
Olive Ridley hatchling. Much smaller than the Flatback hatchlings they have (on average) twice as many eggs laid per nest.
Chelonia mydas
Juvenile Greens forage in and around the reefs of BSI. Photo credit: Dieter Berghans
Eretmochelys imbricata
Juvenile Hawksbill sea turtles forage in the shallow waters around BSI. Photo credit: Andrew Raith
Volunteer inquisitorus
A sub species of Homo sapien. Often frequents BSI in the cooler months.
Haliaeetus leucogaster
Common name: White-bellied Sea Eagle. Often
does daylight aerial
surveys of BSI, looking
for sea turtle hatchling
stragglers. Photo credit: Peter Jackson
Sterna bergii
Common name: Crested Tern. Has recently established a colony on a sandy isle adjacent to BSI, which has built up over the last decade. Photo credit: Peter Jackson
Cacatua sanguinea
Common name: Little Corella. These were photograghed on adjacent Quail Is, but
are often seen foraging
in flocks on the inner
swales of BSI. Photo credit: Lisa Raith
Larus novahollandiae
Common name: Silver Gull. Persist in small numbers on BSI, they have become accustomed to investigate our activities.
Arenaria interpres
Common name: Ruddy Turnstones. Frequent the seaward zones on the beaches of BSI and Quail Island. Photo credit: Lisa Raith
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Photo Credit: Peter Jackson

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