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Membership is important to the organisation as it is the primary source of communication and it ensures the ongoing running of the organisation.

Membership is open to anyone in agreeance with the aims of the organisation. We welcome both active and non-active members, giving people the opportunity to participate in all levels of the organisation.

Please note when you book a place on a research camp, you automatically become a member for 12 months.

Membership entitles you to:

  • Voting rights at all meetings

  • Annual Report on the Bare Sand Island Sea Turtle Research Project

  • Opportunity to volunteer with field research on sea turtles

  • Certificate of Membership

Types of Membership:


$10.00 for 1 year

$30.00 for 3 years


$20.00 for 1 year

$60.00 for 3 years

For corporate membership and sponsorship, please contact us.




To become a member of AusTurtle Inc. please download the following form and

either email to or

post to 


PO Box 34U

Charles Darwin University

Northern Territory 0815


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